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When your physician prescribes a medication for you, he or she often has limited flexibility. Commercially available medication products often times are not manufactured in a correct dosage or in the optimum form for your specific needs. Sometimes you need a particular medication in a different dosage form, or perhaps you are sensitive to dyes or other non-active ingredients. Maybe you've been on a particular medication for many years and suddenly the medication becomes unavailable. Perhaps you have a pet that has particular medication needs and you need help finding a suitable dosage method to administer the drug to the animal. Or how about that special child that needs specific flavoring in order to take the medicine they need? This is where the specialty of a Compounding Pharmacy can be a lifesaver.

The pharmacists at Graves Drug have been compounding medications for many years and are experts in our field. We are here to assist you and your Physician or Veterinarian in all of your customized medication needs.